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Originally Posted by K4KEV View Post
Hi Dave ...did you cut the float arm and re bend it so it gives full scale defection of the potentiometer/resistor? if you have not that is what will be the cause, take the fuel sender out and offer it up to the outline of the tank (use a bit of masking tape on the rear tub including the sump where the sock sits) you will then be able to see the deflection available ....if I remember rightly I think you need to cut the 2nd bend from the end of the wire then rebend it to put the float back in its original position albeit a little shorter which will allow it FSD on the pot.
Yes kev. I bent the float arm to shorten it but may have not allowed for the full travel up.

It seems to read low all the way up the scale.

I might have to "re calibrate" the needle. I've been searching on mx5 westie builds and they have done it. I am planning on getting rid of the original gauges after iva and going for something like a koso dash.

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Build cost.... seems to be spending more on tools than car bits at the moment! (they will be handy in the future though).
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