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Default starter motor: what to do?

This summer, my starter motor got stuck very often (annoying, most of the time I had to bag it to restart the engine), so today I decided to remove it and open it for a good clean, as I thought it stuck because of too much dust inside. Well, big surprise, it turned out that there is no dust, but a lot of corrosion inside.

Brushes look OK, but I'm afraid the casing is no longer waterproof, and the problem will come back.

So what do you think : is it worth de-rusting it, cleaning it properly, and reassemble to re-use it, or is it dead and should I just get a new one ?


IMG_20151212_153707 by Sylvain ROIG, sur Flickr

IMG_20151212_153720 by Sylvain ROIG, sur Flickr

IMG_20151212_153633 by Sylvain ROIG, sur Flickr

Other pictures here:
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