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A good list! I've got a similarly long list, and I think it's good to
a) work through ticking things off so you can see you're making progress
b) plan so you're not endlessly duplicating - at least any more than you do..!
Originally Posted by Tatey View Post
I have seen people use wheel dollies when space in the garage is a bit tight as it allows them to push the car right against the wall to give some space to work around it:
When I just had a bare chassis I had a rectangular frame of scrap 1mm 20*60 box with some castors on. I put a wooden pallet over the top, then the chassis on top of that - for exactly the purpose you describe. It helped a lot.

With the engine, box and diff now in I suspect it would struggle with the weight - but it's certainly a bit of a pain to push it in and out sometimes!
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