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Originally Posted by metal matt View Post
Right chaps I could do with a little help or advice. I'm no sparky so this might be easy for someone to answer. I went to fit my rear light's last night into my rear arches, and where they would be the wiring will be very close to the wheel (witch I don't like). So 2 option. 1 Modify my rear arches again to bring my current light out a bit to clear the wheel or slim LED lighting. So had a look around and found some nice rear LED light clusters. what is the story with needing to fit resisters to clusters? I have read that you need to fit a resistor to a single LED but I cant find anything on clusters so could someone help me out before I go buying some


If you are fitting led indicators you need a resistor otherwise they flash too fast.

If you are using mx5 electrics then scov had a work around which I used by removing on of the resistors from the relay

The details are on his build thread and were very easy to follow

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Build cost.... seems to be spending more on tools than car bits at the moment! (they will be handy in the future though).
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