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Default mx5 starting probs

hi folks I need some help with this one, its an mx5 1.8 2003 motor etc, it was starting but hadn't started it for a few months went to start it after charging the battery and its not turning over
battery is giving a healthy 12.8 v static and still reads 12.6 when key is in the cranking position
12.8 v at the hot solenoid terminal
9 - 10 v at the thin solenoid wire when key in cranking position
all other electrics working as far as I can work out
when I bridge the hot 12v terminal on the solenoid to the starter one , starter motor spins but doesn't turn engine, swapped over starter motors for another "new" second hand one and all exactly the same........
haven't tried bumping it yet need some extra bods for that one.
any ideas or something obvious I'm missing

any help welcomed
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