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Originally Posted by vmax1974 View Post
I have to disagree here

Haynes only get involved when they need too they put the forum up to support builders using the book the forum really belongs to the builders after all if we never bought the book we would not be here

I dont think the book sales would justify having someone to work on the forum full time and the admin guy did do what he could before his holiday and we all deserve holiday at times he upgraded mods powers so ash can now ban the spam profiles

I have every faith that the spam will be taken care of in a week or 2 but in my opinion I would just saw dont worry about it ash and twinturbo are doing a great job keeping on top of things

Just my thoughts
Originally Posted by twinturbo View Post
The book volume sales is probably very low .

the forum, a good will gesture to the cause..

the dont have or need to support it.

community has to be strong or plug could just be pulled as that is the easy opt.

Dave & TT I do agree with both your comments completely, its a low volume sale so only warrants a low volume maintenance commitment.

However, I do still say that there is not a complete hierarchy of Admins to mods available to deal with the issues. As Ash & TT have proved they are willing to do it unpaid but are are still restricted with their permissions.

Edit: I know I've said before but Ash & TT your work is extremely appreciated.

Just for example, the current issue is spam, lets say its takes a further turn into full on hacking, who has the authority to protect the site and do whatever is necessary, ie shut it down, restrict new members, monitor new posts etc etc The answer is no one's available!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the site, but I see this as a real short sight in management, and its not all to do with investment, if Haynes want it to be self supporting then I really doubt there would be any shortage of volunteers to fill the posts.

Like I say I love the site and would only like to see it progress, my comments are not meant to be negative but to promote progress.

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