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I put together 2 clip folders one for VOSA/SVA and one for DVLA. The ones with the plastic slip in sleeves A4.
DVLA folder had receipts for all parts, photos, V5, original donor VIN plates, Built up inspection forms and registration forms, Kit receipts, a receipt for the donor ( bought from a scrapyard), receipts and letters from the original owner of the kit (bought un-started but complete), proof of proper disposal of the donor car remains and any documents or letters that proved the provenance of the car.
DVLA are more sticklers for the detail but this approach helped them to help me.
They commented that all the documentation they needed was there, in order and easily viewed making their job easier and quicker for me.
The worst cases they get are just a box of receipts in no particular order, this will take a lot longer to collate and as they were presented with little care they (DVLA) are in no rush to do the work, therfore you could wait a few weeks before getting on the road.
A friend got his on the road the same day as SVA pass, mine took 2 1/2 days, most take a week.

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