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Default She cranks

I gave my build a bit of rest after the big push to get her rolling.

This month though I decided I start to get the engine running.
First up getting the starter circuit sorted.
First up was a battery, I managed to pick up a brand new oddessey PC545 fom a fellow builder for a really good price. Its a very small battery but seems to crank the engine just great

I only did a basic circuit for the starter, + to starter neg to engine, and a flying lead to the solenoid plus saw her cranking over.

I connected an old indicator to the oil pressure swith and to the positive on the battery but his didn't go out during cranking.
I have absolutely nothing else on the engine, theres a large breather at the back drivers side, I blocked that off but still no light out, any other tips as I'm confident it either the a faulty sender or its loosing its pressure somewhere rather than a dodgey oil pump pick up?

I've also ordered a fiesta coil pack with HT leads for a grand total of £4.99 this should connect up to the edis module stanalone to give a basic spark to get her running.

All thats needed now is some carb and an inlet (i might try her on the old sierra carb as as starter for ten)
Build Cost so far £xxx (Given up adding it up) - She Starts!! Build Thread Here:
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