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Word or warning: your headlight stalks seem to be on the long side. Mine are shorter and I'm thinking of shortening them still, because the lights impact the cycle wings on full lock and suspension compression. The nose cone does not project outside the top chassis rails, so you you can judge the gap there by offering a cardboard cutout of your chosen headlight size or just measuring the distance between the headlight mounting hole and the top chassis rails. As for the 400 mm maximum dimension between the side of the car and the edge of the headlight, just remember that the widest point of the car is at the rear arches and it is 169-170 cm depending on your tub and wings. You can work out the minimum distance between the light mounting holes based on that width and the size of your lights.

Update: that said, I positioned the bulge of the cycle wings right beside the headlight, so you might be fine:
Haynes Roadster FAQ | Haynes Builder Locations
Gallery, build thread in Lithuanian / via Google Translate.

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