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I can't believe it has been 4 years since my last update. I had been living and working a long way away from the build, but finally managed to buy a house with a garage (albeit very narrow!).

Following the widening of the garage door opening to its maximum to allow the car to fit in, I had the car transported up:

I have also written a 'to do' list to get the car finished as follows:

Roll Bar
Finish rear stays
Finish holes in roll bar
Drain and vent/remove fuel tank
Bolt roll bar to chassis – open up holes where needed
Tack weld rear stays in place and check bolt locations/aesthetics
Fully weld back stays
Use die grinder set to smooth all welds, then sand flush
Flapwheel/Acetone prep
Etch primer
Black Paint

T nut bolts through dash panel and fill any holes
Fit acewell and fog light switch aluminium panel with the right sized hole glued to dash panel
Router/rasp/sand edges
Seal with paint or varnish

Bolt on pulley to alternator
Measure belt size and buy

Sort out fast indicator flashing – LED relay or higher wattage bulbs
Rivet ali to frame and rivet cable tie mounts to ali
Cable tie electrics to mounts
Tidy electrics under scuttle
Create Earth points where required
Check reverse light switch and wire up handbrake switch
Redo fuse/relay panel – Maybe relay blanks in between the relays to spread them out for mounting
Work out horn with IVA steering wheel
Fuel gauge wiring should be checked
Check orientation of speed sensor
Araldite magnet to prop and cable tie
Wire in wideband lambda sensor
Properly route and shorten crank sensor
Shorten alternator cable
Wrap everything in conduit and loom tape

Make panel for passenger foot well
Finish Riveting panel behind seats to chassis with tiger seal, and tiger seal any exposed bits near diff
Fit transmission tunnel top and sides with gear and handbrake gaiters
Rivnut transmission tunnel sides
Make panel over pedal box, rivnut on to allow access
Work on panel under megajolt
Make engine side panel for scuttle fit nicely over fuses and relays/cabling/steering column
Remove Steering Wheel and fit Ford one
Fit battery tray
Rear tub tray – Make cut outs for roll bar, round edges with sander, make fixing points with countersunk screws and t nuts, seal with varnish/paint, cover
Tether fuel cap
Fit edge trim to seat belt holes

Put battery on charge
Clean out carb jets – Soak in carb cleaner overnight
Install alternator belt
Drain water, rinse through and replace with new
Drain old fuel and dispose
Get new fuel in Jerry can
Top up oil
Get megajolt working on laptop
Check TPS and map on megajolt
Wire up choke to bonnet release
Get it started, idling and up to temperature
Check for leaks and fix them
Check thermostat works
Check fan works
Balance carbs with syncronometer
Adjust needle height if necessary
Test charge from alternator
Fix fuel pump and drain out old fuel, leave lid off to vent tank
Fill gearbox and diff with oil (Gearbox oil - 75/90 semi synthetic GL4, Diff oil - GL5 "Hypoid" Gear Oil Ep75/90)

Fit lock nuts on diff mounts
Try and fit coil pack bracket or make new one
Add brace bar to engine bay and weld vin number on
Check brakes are working and bleed again if needed
Loctite on rear upright to hub bolts – Take a photo for the IVA man
Lock nuts on maxi ball joint etc
Adjust holes on alternator mount to clear inlet manifold and sit straight
Make further bit of alternator mount bracket and buy and install a belt
Bolt on front wings
Finish mounting rear arches with p trim and silicone, cut mounting bolts off with dremel
Fix seats in place
Make boot lid and cover
Bolt in place and fit lock nuts on pedal box
Drill hole in floor for brake pedal stop and install
Cut out and fix panel over pedal box and passenger footwell panels
Install battery tray and lock battery down
Pull through extended wheel bolts further
Second fixing point drill and tap on front left
Lock nuts to ball joints on front suspension (check thread on maxi ball joint with thread gauge)
Swap to lock nuts on all suspension including camber adjuster and rack extensions
Add Lock nuts to bottom of engine mounts
Adjust geometry and set ride height - Front: 5.5 caster, -2 camber, ~1 toe in. 110-120 mm ride height. Rear: 0 caster, -0.5 camber, 0 toe, 120-130 mm ride.
Have prop shaft balanced/tested

Plenty to be getting on with, but hopefully having the car at home will make it easier to get the little bits done when I get a spare hour here and there.


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