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Originally Posted by AshG View Post
to be honest i didnt think it was an unfair request. he did say i could add another bolt or weld it. i chose to weld it because its stronger and easier to do.

they are only concerned about safety at the end of the day. if his suggestions make my car safer then it cant be a bad thing. its not ideal that I cant take the roll bar off if i want to. but then again would i ever need to?
I think you've just hit the nail on the head there Ash, my 3 minor failures where more related to safety of the car and i was actually pleased that he had pointed them out and i could rectify them.

Prior to the SVA my attitude was that the test was a chore that had to be gone through and get the car passed the satin's slaves but i was glad to go through the process and gave me confidence that the car was structurally sound and safe the examiner being a good down to earth bloke. At the time the SVA was a bloody good value and thorough safety inspection of the build, the only main issue now to me is the excessive cost.

After-all we'll all be racing around with our friends and family in the car and want it to be safe.

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