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I printed it on a rapid protoyper last night, not cheap but beats any executive toy that has graced my desk before.

The tubes for the wishbones are actually hollow and some of the chassis rails as well, ideally would need to be redrawn solid as it is very fragile. Would also benefit from printing in a different colour such as grey but would have meant flushing 40 to 50 quids worth of resin away to change.

For those not familiar with rapid prototyping it is basically a 3D printer that works similar to an inkjet but builds layers of resin instead of ink. The resin is then cured on each pass by UV. It can print any .stl file, if you can CAD it, it can print it (up to approx size of a modern microwave oven. It's what the F1 teams (and other companies use) to prototype parts. Again not cheap, but incredible technology.
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