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Default Deanno's "Help For Heroes" Roadster Build Thread.

About Bl**dy time
I borrowed the book off my mate back in December 2010 we moved into our house (this time with a garage) in April 2011 and told my partner (now my wife) I have no intension of staring the build any time soon................................

so here I am writing this thread

When I first decided to build a kit car i wanted it to be special , mine a one off.
I am an ex serving sailor (NO Sailor Jokes Please ) and a big supporter of Help for Heroes I thought about combining the 2 i mean why not it all helps to publicise and raise the profile of the charity.

I decided to design a "one off" grill which had to be sent off to the charity for clarification and the "do's and dont's" list was enormous but it is in the pipeline and waiting for confirmation as the gentleman who is going to do my design, has drawn my design on CAD and the bonus is that we have been told providing the grill is ok it is to be the only one made.

I Officially started the build back in March Last year, I started by making the build table using an 8'x4' Pallet 1/2" chipboard for the top and 6 4"x4" posts (Theye use to be the decking at our last house).

I marked out the table going off my centre line (I found this much easier).

The box section i managed to get it down to 5 x 7.5m lengths of 25x25mm and 2 20x20mm lengths with minimum wastage. This set me back 85.08.

The chassis is pretty much finished just a few bits left to weld on and the wishbone brackets left to weld on then it will be rolling.

I have decided to do a few mods to the inital design such as add some storage in the rear add an extra plate in the front for the attachment of a removable towing eye re-enforced footing for when I build a roll cage.

more pictures and info to follow tomorrow.
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