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Originally Posted by Bonzo View Post
Hi to all,

I have been looking at UncleFista's homepage.

I read with great interest the section titled SVA Result. The two items that cause me the most concern are the failure of the shocks and the steering arms on the front hubs. Both for a radius breach ( Less than 2.5mm )

Surely all coilovers are of a similar design

I have looked at the Sierra front hub. The steering arm on this also has no radius of 2.5mm on the exposed edges.

Do we need to modify them with a little linishing or was the SVA Inspector having a bad day.

UncleFista's SVA Fail serves to show us all the standard required for an SVA Pass.:
The coil-overs were fixed for the retest by putting a couple of Radio Controlled car tyres over the threaded body of the shock, the steering arm radius was sorted with a couple of minutes with the angle grinder (and look better for it too )

It's all a bit of nonsense really, we never expected it to pass first time, it was just a "punt" to get a list of problems to fix

The vast majority of it is common sense

Good luck !
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