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Default Talon closed

I gave it a go but it's time to call it a day...
We sat down this morning and priced up what every thing costs to produce againsts the over heads ect.....

A 400 flat the time you factor in every thing I'm out of pocket 17.50

I make 52 in labour on a full price set of front TMXR wishbones of 225 which I haven't sold at full price for over two years.

Any body care to guess how much money it costs to produce a chassis?? That's right on a 850-950 chassis it costs ME between 90-130....

I could put all the prices up but lets face it people are building on a budget no one is going to pay for some thing they can make in the garage.

I won't be back on here again this is my last post.

To my customers I enjoyed producing your orders I hope you where pleased with your parts, to the people who's money had to be refunded it's personal and complicated, to the one person who I owe GRP parts to I promise I'm working on it....

Thanks and I hope you all the best with your builds

Phil Eagle
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