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Originally Posted by slimtater View Post
Actually, would this still not be a bad idea? I know the badge issue has been talked about and there is still some debate about a name.

What if I purchase either 10 or 20 engraved plaques with the following:

Haynes Roadster (or Chris Gibbs Roadster)
Number 001 (up to 10 or 20)

They can be issued in order of either completion (SVA/IVA) or registration, at a "cost price" - just need some proof.
i think this is a great idea, tho the only down side i can see is, that in years to come will the person arranging/issuing the plaques still be within the forum/Roadster community, not saying that you wouldn,t be but who knows what happens in 1- 5- 10 yrs time, just my thoughts
i think from the current poll it,ll be a case of numbers in the 20,s
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