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having sat here thinking about this i feel that ALL completed Roadsters should get a plaque, as its a heck of an achievement to complete the build, so if an exclusive aspect is taken on say the first 10 cars maybe their plaque could be a gold colour ( i don,t mean real gold) then 11 - 20 a silver colour then onwards a brass plaque, just an idea, i,m not trying to create a one upmanship status, more a case of in the future of years to come when folk look back on the history of the marque it gives information of the car in question.
i used to belong to a register of a certain motorcycle frame maker & this helped when looking at the development thru the years of the chassis(frame).

Slimtater.... i think the "log" of completed cars is a good idea, basically year completed & perhaps the builders name & plaque number.

what are other peoples views? after all this is a forum to all to have input on the passion we all enjoy.

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