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Originally Posted by Tatey View Post
My garage suddenly seems much smaller with an 8'x4' build table in the middle of it
Tell me about it, I've been having a really decent clearout, and moved everything I could out of the way, onto shelves etc. but when I lay down a sheet of ply in the middle it doesn't half take up some space.

I will be starting my chassis build fairly soon, off work for a couple of days next week so will be getting my order in for the steel and ally

Originally Posted by Tatey View Post
Although 2 steps forward, 1 step back. My recently purchased MIG welder (Clarke 151EN) has got a faulty gas valve, so the torch leaks a small amount of gas, even when the trigger isnt depressed. I've ordered a new one at the grand cost of 18.85 delivered, so all is not lost .
Recently purchased new or second hand??

If it was new, I would have been expecting the vendor to provide a replacement part FOC

Originally Posted by Tatey View Post
If you sign up to the MIG welding forum and PM a guy called weldequip. He'll be able to sort you out. He's a clarke supplier and a really nice guy (called Steve), really seems to know his stuff.
Steve is a cracking bloke. It's who I bought my MIG (portamig) from, and he is very good at what he does (tempt me into some nice little extras)

Good luck with the build

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