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Well my parts from Caterham arrived today including the new gearbox mount, I've taken the old one off and fitted the new one to the gearbox, but will have to make new mounts for it later this week, however it is resting on top of the old mounts at the minute and its safe to say it has made a massive difference!

Where before I could move the box up and down with my hand on top of the gear stick or my foot on the end of the box, i now have to fully stand on top of the box and jump up and down to get any movement!

I will try and get a comparison video when I have the new mounts in.

Also on a side note....why does it seem that fastener suppliers can't get orders right?! The new fasteners I ordered for my air filter backing plate also arrived today, they came in a pack of 12 for some M5x25mm cap head stainless fasteners, however 3 of the fasteners were actually M5x15....luckily I only needed 8 for my backing plate, but it honestly that hard?

I have to say the only positive fastener supplier I've had so far is Orbital Fasteners, it's just a shame their postage is so much.
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