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Sylvain, I will take a couple of pictures of the bracket later on today and post them up.

A quick update on my build, I've been away for the past 2 weeks travelling around Europe covering 2,500 miles, so not that much progress has been made.

However I managed to mount the passenger seat yesterday which was a lot easier than the driver seat since I knew what I was doing, I have welded the end caps to the open chassis tube on the front roll bar mounts. This now just leads me into stripping everything from the chassis, priming it and painting it.

I have got my tomato red vinyl that I will be using to cover the car, it has a very slight pinkish tinge to it, but I guess I'll see how it looks and I can always change it at a later date, being 60 and all it won't be too much of an issue. The body filler also arrived so when I am waiting for the chassis to dry I will be working on the bodywork.

My loom also arrived from Premier looms and it looks very good, I can see now it would have taken a lot of work to get a loom of the quality they have provided.

So at the minute there isn't much I need to buy to make a lot of progress on the car, I've got the next 3 weeks free and then the army is paying me to get my C+E licence (2500s worth...) so that should be good, then I head off to the Olympics for 4 weeks with the army to provide security, then the weekend after getting back I then go to work for Triumph Motorcycle for 5 weeks then the weekend after I get back I go back to uni, so the next 3 weeks are the only real time I'll have to work on my car so I am seeing that I may ever day count! I've also got a couple of friends who are keen to give me a hand, so that should speed things up somewhat.
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