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Well I've managed to make a fair bit of progress over the past few days, I have finished welding my chassis, primed it, and painted it satin black, I have cut out the floor and started drilling the holes for it and temporarily securing it using cleco fasteners, I still need to drill quite a few holes and then primed and repaint some chassis members where I have been modifying the floor to fit perfectly against the chassis.

Here is a picture of the mess my garage is in at the minute, the pile of parts that I've been building over the past few months can be seen at the back, all of the bodywork, seats and roll bar have had to be moved into the green house so I could paint and fit the floor to the chassis:

I have been working on my bodywork as well and have sorted out one of the rear wings by filling in chips and removing scratches, I attempted to wrap it however I am still learning how to use it and I think I have it cracked now but I managed to over stretch the vinyl and put 2 holes in it so it will need to come off and I will start again, but here is a picture of it half way through:

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