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Default Sumarise Where Your at...

So I thought this may generate some discussion.

Q1) How far along are you
Q2) How long since you last worked on the car
Q3) What are the major items to do
Q4) Whats holding you up

Q1) My chassis is fully trial fitted up and rolling, all the body work is mostly trial fitted and the seats have been test fitted. The dash was built including an ACEWELL cluster.

The 1.8CVH engine is in and has been run, the gearbox and prop are also in place although the rear gearbox mount needs finishing.

Rear lights are all done the mount for one front is 80% done.

Q2) November 2014 I think.

Roll Hoop
Final strip and reassembly

Stalled at doing the wiring, It's not that much of a job except when it comes to the dash which I think I counted 20+ wires to cram sort at the junction box. Since then Just been busy with other things and the garage has become an utter TIP!!

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Build Thread

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