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Q1) 4 years and 1 month on the road, 11300 km on the odometer.

Q2) I made a cone catcher about 4 weeks ago. It bolts to the bottom of the floor in front of the rear arches: . Then a couple of days later I had to redo the alternator bracket AGAIN, cause the damn thing fell out after a sprint recon lap.

Q3) I have 2 conflicting directions: making the car more roadable and swapping ST170 on bike throttles in. Re roadability, greasing the PU bushings had an immense effect on the cars' ability to soak up road imperfections, but it only held for about a year and a half or so. But removing and greasing all the wishbones and bushings is a chore, so it doesn't get done. The other things are ordering a bigger silencer, as the exhaust noise really makes the head buzz after an hour of driving or so. Also, sidescreens should help a lot with wind buffetting. I have the steel frames done and one of them even has hinges mounted!

Re. ST170, I'm in the middle of lowering the sump since last spring or so, and I started mounting the GSXR750 throttles with 3d printed nylon adapters and trumpets this spring.

Q4) Mostly laziness and other hobbies.
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