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Ahh its 9AM in the morning my brother has been in the workshop on the milling machine since 6, and now to return the love to my naighbours who were at it all yesterday with an electric drill and circular saw in the back garden making what can only be described as a rarther wonky peice off decking so its time to crack out the angle grinder and return the love.

Engine is going in well so far have got the 2 sets of gear box mounts in, have re tapped the engine mounts to M12 to match the rest off the car and am now setting about making a removable top frame to make getting the engine in and out nice and easy. hope to get some pics up later iff i get chance

How do you put them up so they just apear rarther then having to log in and then click on the little atached photo icon??

Chears hope we all have a productive day
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