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Originally Posted by Vedde View Post
Thanks, need to get someone with a cad programme to have a look at it. Is the size set to 18 x 20 cm? otherwise it'll be a small thing to put on the grille.
Having a hard time saving the file to my computer, am I doing something wrong?

Size shouldn't matter with CAD. If the water cutter has requested a CAD file, then that means he has CAD and can set the appropriate output size. If they have requested a cad file, then a DXF is almost perfect to hand over.

DXF is drawing interchange format, and almost all CAD programs can read it. It's how we transfer information between incompatible CAD platforms

I have just opened the DXF in AutoCAD 2008 (my day job) and it is 191mm high, and ~200mm wide (200.0046 or something)

One thing though, the emblem is not symmetrical in CAD. Everything seems a little 'skewed'. It's not a lot, and probably wouldn't be that noticeable, but with CAD accuracy is a given
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