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Thanks for all the replys guys I have spoke to dvla today for nearly an hour glad it weren't my phone bill would of been less to spend on the car! They informed me I need to let them know it's been scrapped and hand in the v5 at a later date when I'm ready they can retrieve it and give it back for the roadster! I'm not convinced as we all know stuff goes missing at the dvla office so I'm going to do what has been suggested by u guys and keep it with the plates and chassis number then send it off when I'm ready, she said about the covering letter with a v62 form and a cheque of 25 for them to issue a chassis number to me although they may come and inspect (as if there going to do that) regards to the sorn apparently from now you just do it the once then that's on there for indefinatley until u tell them otherwise! The building of the hand build sports car is much easier then the paperwork and that's before I get to iva!!!
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