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Originally Posted by jason 82 View Post
Try my number above. My chassis number was free only a few weeks ago. Sounds like crossed wires & they are trying to Bill you 25 for the log book, hence v62. The details I put in my previous post today are specifically for the kit car build, I have spoken to dvla about this registration lark on numerous occasions, & got a different answer every time. The lady in my earlier post is a gem, hence the direct dial number, none of this press 4, then 3 crap. Your new vin will begin dvlaswa.................... Give her a call tomorrow, I promise you that it will clarify the hole situation.

Thanks Jason!
Your right what a little star I told her she was famous and she is known as the kit car lady! i just need to send a covering letter with no fee for my chassis number and I must keep the v5 for the doner vehicle as that is my proof!! easy as that took 5 mins on the phone
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