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i have all my main body clamped up to settle into shape for an age now.
i have all the bolt holes sorted for my nose and scuttle.
what i need to do now is do my final fix on my sides.
what is my best option for fixing it?
my plan was to use pu to seal the area between the grp and tubes in my cockpit areas or should i just do it all? i cant see i will need to remove them
i have bolts that clamp the sides where the scuttle and nose are but do i need more fixings along the top (flush) and i was planing just to rivit every 12" on the under side or is this over kill?
i have seen eveything from pu and minimal riviting to one evey 3"

then i will need to fix my rear panel so its removable so i was going for rivnuts and bolts
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