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personally I think there will be no 'plan' by anyone at Haynes to throttle the forum, but they just don't invest any effort in it. I can see why, it generates no return for them.

I think they relented on closing the forum simply because they realised that it was actually wanted by a few people and it presumably takes minimum overhead at their end. I can't imagine there is much actual risk to Haynes from a business point of view if they do pull the plug.

the content on here is very helpful indeed to a builder. It would be a massive shame to loose it. It would be great if the content could be taken off elsewhere so that it was not at risk of disappearing. However a lift into a new forum that was supported by someone in the building community would also be vulnerable to whatever decisions that person then made... plus whatever costs Haynes *do* cover will need to be met somehow...

without checking where Haynes are based, perhaps a couple of us could come up with a plan and then pop into their offices for half an hour to speak to them?
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