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Originally Posted by twinturbo View Post
I am a moderator and still here.

But don't have the power of approving registrations.

Me too.

As TT has said, as moderators we do not have the permissions needed to validate new user accounts.

Had we been given that access, we would have a lot more new members.

On a personal note:

My heath has been a real problem over the last few years, as a result, my builds have come to a grinding halt.

My build is a Sierra based one.
Most questions I see are MX5 related & I just do not have the answers

That is the reason I am very much in the background at the moment.

I will also add:
My email messages are checked several times a day.
If I notice a forum alert, I will take action if action is needed.
I am not a complete idiot...........Some of the parts are missing !!
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