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Question Getting the car on the road - Guidance

The plan is to get the car on the road by the end of January 2009 but this part of the process seems to be more daunting than the actual build! Has anyone got available a bullet point list of the process from allocating a chassis number all the way to sticking on registration plates?

I aim to use the registration of the donor car and have all the build receipts, pictures, V5 doc. The sierra has been used for the engine, all running gear and electrics with all of the build done to the Haynes spec (btw excellent manual Chris, i've had no previous experience with welding or fabrication and its been a joy to follow to get it to this stage). getting to this stage from starting end of May.

I've put the car together with the SVA requirements in mind and don't think it will be a great problem passing with maybe only minor faults. Bodywork is about to go on and i'm in the process of setting up the suspension and wheel alignments and covering all sharp objects / protrusions.

The donor is currently SORNed, does it need to be declared back on road before going much further?

Thanks in Advance.....Andy

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