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Default nut'n'bolt group buy?

Would any body be interested in a suspension nut and bolt group buy? I know this has been run twice before but I'm sure there are a few new builders that will be needing these soon. At this point I'm only looking for people to regesture their interest so if it falls short I don't end up with 1000's of parts that will take months to shift,although some will be put on ebay.
If want to add your name to the list reply with 'quote' edit this bit off and add your name.
Package will contain the following
2 x M12 X 260mm Bolts (Rear Uprights)
2 x M12 X 200mm Bolts (Diff Mounts)
20x xM12 X 70mm Bolts (Wishbones, Rear Camber Adjuster, Lower Shock Mounts)
6 x M12 X 60MM Bolts (Upper Rear and Front Shock Mounts)
30 x M12 Nyloc nuts (Type P - these are a bit thicker than normal nuts and better suited to suspension applications)
30 x M12 Plain full nuts (these are for test fitting components without ruining the Nyloc nuts)
60 x M12 Flat washers (Form A)
60 x M12 Black plastic nut covers.


Direct email

Mobile office hours 07514098334

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