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Originally Posted by voucht View Post
Yes, I remember that thread.
Honestly, I can't tell if it will fit for sure, as I don't even have the engine yet . What I know is my 2.0i DOHC Sierra engine is already pretty tall.
Also, people replying on LCB are mostly locost/westfield/tiger/etc. builders, with much smaller chassis than the Haynes Roadster, so they can be scared by a tell engine that won't fit their tiny engine bays, but might be able to fit in a Haynes.
I also know that someone on LCB is making the swap to an Ecoboost, but I don't remember what car he has. It is worth a search on LCB.
Completely off topic but I was at the first 'closed public roads' rally in England last weekend, just a few miles from where I live. (Coming from mainland Europe you may think it daft we have never done this before.... )But I was talking to a co-driver from a Darrian (finished 3rd overall I think in the end) - he said they'd just taken a 2.5ltr Millington engine out to be replaced by a 1.6 EcoBoost based turbo engine and it's v. interesting to read that article saying it has 'standard' internals to won't need regular rebuilds. That's in a serious competition car - his peers will think nothing of an engine rebuild after a few events...!
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