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Originally Posted by Johno View Post
I've had a look today for some poly bushes to replace my rubber ones on the rear top uprights for a MK1 MX5 build.
Do you think I can find them separately... no.
I don't want to buy a complete set for the rear as most company's advertise as I only want them for the uprights.
Can anybody point me in the right direction?
Flo-Flex do them on ebay. I had them sell me a pair for 10 but I did have to message them and ask specifically.

Dear flo-flex,


I need 2 bushes for the rear uprights of my Haynes Roadster.

Can you do me a listing for just these 2 bushes? They are MK1 MX5 Rear, Upper, Outer bushes. They are at the top left of this image.


Hi, so you want 4 half bushes and 2 inserts? if this is correct the price for the is 9.95 and postage 3.75, i can send you a pay pal invoice if you wish, i would just need your pay pal address please

Kind regards


- flo-flex
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