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Originally Posted by TheArf View Post
So last Wednesday off we went to Chadderton for the dreaded test and failed.
Points failed on :-
1 when the flag was set at the 10 mtr point couldn't see the base over the wheel arch so guys get those mirrors high enough.
2 vin plate, didn't like that it was the actual weight of the car so the tester wrote down 450 axle1 500 axle2, 900 gvw I know it doesn't total but that is what he wanted
3 No red reflectors on the rear I didn't see that in the manual
4 Fog light had an E mark but now it needs an f or a b mark as well

Jamie the guy doing the test was brilliant and I couldn't argue with anything as it was totaly fair and he advised me that if I could get it back within 5 working days it's a free test.
Now comes the totaly piss me off bit, contacted Swansea the next morning and guess what, no available appointments until day six so I have had to cough up another 90 eventhough I could have gone mack on the Friday with all jobs done Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
So close!! At least you now have the absolute last few points to get through. And thanks for up what happened in detail, every bit of info helps those of us that aren't there yet!
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