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Default Saturn MX5 - Rear Suspension Camber?

I am in the early stages of building my MX5 based car. I am following the Saturn plans and available online amendments etc. I am using a MK2 donor.

Having built my chassis and wishbones and starting to fit things up I am experiencing a lot of negative camber at the rear. I fabricated using the threaded adjusters on my lower wishbones, but even with these screwed almost fully in (so much that I cannot fit a lock nut) I still have too much negative camber. I haven't measured it, but visually it looks too much.

Is this a known problem? I've searched the various forums but not come up with anything conclusive. I'm at the stage where I am contemplating spacing out my top wishbone mounts by around 5-10mm to bring it back to a more neutral position, but then I'm worried about upsetting other aspects of the suspension and drive system.

I've checked and double checked what I have built against the Saturn plans and everything seems to be about right dimensionally.

If anyone has the correct dimensions for the rear wishbones and the chassis pick-up points I'd really appreciate it, maybe I have old or out of date information?

I am just lost as to where the problem is, any help much appreciated. Thanks.
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