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Do you have the option to buy damage repairable cars in France ? If so, you can pick up a badly damaged car for peanuts & just take the engine and wiring loom. Weigh the rest back in at the scrap yard. There is a company called Rally Design in England, they do bellhousing adaptors which will mate the new engine to your type 9 gearbox. I repair crash damaged cars for a hobby, that's how I got my donor car.
There is also a company here called kitspares. They sell brand new zetec units 2018 compliant for around 1k. I think you only need to buy the water pump & ecu. It comes with injectors etc in 1.8 & 2l sized engines.
As I said, crash repairable would be your cheapest option. I frequently buy 2007 ford focus crash damaged cars for around 300.
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