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Originally Posted by chrisponter View Post
Flyin Miata will supply you with pretty much everything you could ever want for an MX-5.

Forced induction is the cheapest when it comes to how much power you get for your money, and you'll be able to get a decent amount out of the engine before you have to start strengthening the internals.

Flyin Miata supply several turbos for Mk1 MX-5's and you can get superchargers from Jackson Racing, Performance 5 or use an Eaton M45 from a mini. The mini one is probably the cheapest, takes a bit of work though.

The cylinder head has room for improvement aswell.

Take a look at the UK owners club forum:

PM me if you have any questions
Basically there's loads of stuff you can do to tune up the mx-5 engine once the car isbuilt andon the road

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