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Originally Posted by flyerncle View Post
Date of first registration for benchmark of who,what,when, where and why.

There could be data protection act issues keeping personal details,dont blame me but her indoors has just done a course on it and has been bending my ear about records I keep on customers and their vehicles and would hate someone to get grief for it.

The plaque is a great idea !
I am sure this can be worked around - ask her indoors to try Caldicott for challanging guidelines!

Wouldn't want to keep personal details to be honest - if we could have a thread/section called "Completed Cars" with just the builders/owners username, completion date, plaque number and a photo, then it will just be a log. If need be, it could be an admin only section so they add the post?
There would need to be some process of getting confirmation of finish/reg date for the plaques, but again, open to suggestions. I am trust-worthy and can provide references if need be! ;-)
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