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Originally Posted by AdrianH View Post
Clydeautomarine are building chassis for the roadster and looking at another post on here so are Talon Motor Sport, as well as Armoto and 3GE, so you have a few to chose from.
As to Clydeautomarine, I'm guessing that they did have in mind to offer chassis but for some reason or other haven't seen it through
certainly there has been no response to my request for pictures, and I have had PM's which suggest that there may be some kind of problem there

The Talon Motorsport thing really hasn't got going yet, as the guy himself says, he just doing market research at the moment.

3GE, as said earlier, have a very long waiting list, I was quoted nine months, so that's no good either

So that leaves us with Armoto. I was aware that they did ready cut chassis parts, but didn't know that they also offered ready made complete chassis. Are you sure? I would appreciate any information you have about that.
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