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Much better J

See, you don't need to worry about posting a picture with you sitting in your car.

Hair doo looks fab

Jas.......... what you been and done to your hair mate

I really wish I had thought of wearing my lads Jimmy wig for the picture


I normally do have a number one job done on the hair during the summer, it makes me look much more distinguished

Still got quite a good crop of hair appart from the very top, I blame all those years of overhead stick welding not wearing a skull cap !! . Double hard B******d dockyard welder & all that

Number one son, 35, going around like friar tuck, I often tell him " I might be a doddering old fart but at least I have all of my hair " !!??

Quite often have a look in on your build diary Blade. The progress you have made is as cool as ever. Top notch stuff there.

May I ask if you managed to locate some threadded bar or bolt for the rear camber adjusters. M18 X1.5, or did you find an M20 quick camber adjuster.

Those quick adjusters save so much pulling apart of components just to make minor adjustments.

Cheers for all of your kind comments folks
I am not a complete idiot...........Some of the parts are missing !!
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