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The very reason I welded my own frame as my life may just depend on that - Im a qualified boilermaker and always warn people about "factory welded" frames, especially in my country where cheap labour are used and basically any fool can weld MIG after a few minutes of tutoring. These guys just worry about paydays and not the weld...

I stated in another forum the fact that in the hands of an operator welder (read not qualified by trade test) the MIG can be lethal - the weld will look OK, even fantastic as in the first picture of the thread, but it needs an expert to see if the fusion between welding and material is proper.
In fact, I showed many a bloke this by doing a "nice" weld with MIG that impresses them, then put the piece in a vice and just knock the weld cleanly off with a slight tap of hammer....

This coming from a Westfield built car is the more scary as one had paid good money for quality and safety.

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