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Thank you Russ!
So, I think I'm ready
- oil level checked
- coolant level checked
- full fuel tank checked
- engine starts and run (!)
- tyre pressure checked
- mirrors checked
- clean the car, fuel tank and oil sump checked
- e-markings on lights checked : yesterday I spent hours removing my "mini style" rear lights, bought at CBS, E-marked, but without the correct numbers for whether they are blinkers, stop light or rear position light. So pissed ! I had to put 2 ugly trailer's back lights, with the right markings, as well as new side repeaters.

I also had to remove my 4 points Sabelt harnesses because 4 point isn't road legal apparently here, even though they are e-marked . Only 3 point seat belts are allowed. So I had to buy two new 3-points seat belts and fit them for the inspection...

IMG_1400 by Voucht71, on Flickr

IMG_1403 by Voucht71, on Flickr

I think I'm OK now. So, knowing that here we don't have radius requirements you have in the UK, do you guys see anything I should check before going?

Thank you
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