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not exactly straightforward and at the moment untested. Someone told me it was too difficult to do, so I had to!

I measured the engine to establish centres etc and drew up a template incorporating the gearbox measurements from the MT75 plans on this site. I had it laser cut locally from 6mm steel.

The starter needs locating to the other side, one of the difficulties being that it is fixed with bolts from the rear rather than locating onto studs with nuts etc. The bellhousing is relieved in various places to allow for bolt heads and the starter.

The clutch fork pivot needs lengthening to bring it closer to the clutch assembly, it needs a spigot bearing fitting and the sierra clutch plate is a snug fit in the pressure plate side. I had to file off the small lugs (about 2mm) from the outer edge to give clearance.

The clutch engages and disengages but as the engine is not yet running it is still a bit of an unknown quantity. It would probably have been far easier to buy a type 9 conversion or fit a ford motor but I had the MT75 and quite like a bit of a challenge. I also like the Toyota motor because I can fit it using all the original ignition and fuelling kit, it makes reasonable power and revs well.

The engineering is more function over form. Straightforward - not really, but quite satisfying when it comes together.

I have some more photo's of the plate etc, I'll put them on over the next few days if you want to have a look.

Oh, eirekev, my understanding is that due to the weight (or lack of it) they go pretty well whatever you put in them. I'm going for lighter weight rather than huge power.

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