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Getting some time to work on the car at the moment.
I have changed the main jets in the ZX6R carbs to 160s, checked the needle height and the circlip is sitting in the middle slot of 5, and adjusted the air/fuel screws to 2.5 turns out. Megajolt is connected up running a map I found online for a 1.8 cvh and bike carbs and the TPS has been calibrated.
It seems to start pretty well, especially when using the choke, but it boggs down a bit if you open the throttle quickly. It does get there if you open it slowly though. From reading some bike forums, this could be dirty idle jets - Anyone got any other ideas?

I did fill the cooling system, but had a load of leaks. I have bought a few new gaskets and blanked off a couple of take offs I no longer need, so hopefully I can have that sorted and get it running up to temperature to see if it is any better then.

In the mean time, a video:
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