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Originally Posted by jps View Post
Once again this forum proves a great resource - i'm just working out where i'll fit the threaded bosses in my rollbar cross bar, pictures/info like this is really helpful.

That is how I've done it.

2014-08-23_15-51-08 by Voucht sans_nom, sur Flickr

2014-08-23_15-51-28 by Voucht sans_nom, sur Flickr

2014-08-23_15-52-17 by Voucht sans_nom, sur Flickr

There was a general consensus that putting the threaded bosses through the cross bar was a very good solution, and there is no need to use the 3mm steel bracket to fit them on the cross bas as explained in the book. I think a lot of builders did the same as me.

After, concerning my car, I kept the exact transversal position of the threaded bosses as explained page 53 of the book (254mm=300mm=254mm). They don't fall directly behind the harness holes of my seat, as I did my roll bar before buying the seats, and I guess every seat model has its own spacing of harness holes. But it is latterly acceptable, as, IIRC, there is a lateral angle tolerance in the regulation (needs to be checked on your IVA manual)

Then I bought Sabel harnesses. Harnesses need to be the short strap style or single seater type, as the saloon car type have way too long shoulder straps.

Hope that will help
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