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Originally Posted by Bonzo View Post
Okey dokey Chaps

With 9 on the list I will go ahead & order the stock

The long bolts are not kept as stock items & have a lead time of 2-3 days, I estimate the stock will be with me, early next week

As before, once I have the stock here I will send everyone on the list a PM with all of the details.

Still have one set up for grabs & can accommodate more if folk let me know in time

To save you looking back at previous posts here's the list as it stands at the moment

1) John Marchant
2) eSteve - Full set
3) TQ uk - Full set
4) wgroove - Full set
5) roadster v8 - Full set
6) mr-p - Full set
7) DStanley1809 - Full set
8) dan g8 - Full set
9) Headshot - Full set
Bonzo, is it too late to get on the list???

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