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I know Rich.

Scary but exciting at the same time.

A bit like my good lady when she is after something.

After many,many years of tinkering with carbed engines with dizy & the likes it's time for a change.

At the outset I was adamant that I wanted to go the old school route. However, after reading the posts in support of moddern technology combined with a couple of constructive chats with Allan Jeferys son I became convinced that Zetec was the way to go.

Then the free 1.8 Zetec came out of the blue, that was the decider.

To be honest I am really looking forward to th challenges that lay ahead.

I'll dare say that I will live to regret those words when it all goes pear shaped a few months down the road.

I already have a small laptop loaded with some basic OBD2 software for reading fault codes & reseting engine check lights etc.

My oldest son spotted a 7" touch screen that you can build into the dash allowing you to do a bit of re mapping as you drive.
How extreme is that !!??

He is heck of a lot more interested in my build now that I am going moddern. Hence the offer to buy me a megasquirt for my BD.
I am not a complete idiot...........Some of the parts are missing !!
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