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30 Nov 09

No more further forward with the car however today was the day I had arranged to go over to Swindon to pick up the 150 Sierra. The girl text me this morning to say see left the log book in Staffordshire, that’s OK I thought I can cope with that. Then she says it is a 2l not 1.8 now it is a 93 so I know deep inside it is going to be a DOHC with an MT75 gearbox, just threders. Anyway Nicky and I made the trip over all the same, my theory being she (the girl not Nicky) has made mistakes already maybe she has got the year wrong and it is a pinto! NO as suspected it was a 2l DOHC, so I walked away.

Now I don’t know whether to keep my current 300 budget in the bank in case a car comes up or spend the money with 3GE to get all the wish bones and take advantage of the free delivery.

I am going to ponder in the garage whilst removing some weld splatter!!
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