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Looking good Ryan.

Thanks for the comments on the sheets.

I made them as long as they are, to avoid any more join lines.
I'm not too sure how Andy supplies the flat pack, but I can easily send the drawings out rolled up. I have quite a few of the cardboard tubes here for posting, but not a limitless supply. It was easier all round to send them out folded. I'll speak with Andy, see what we work out for the next batch.

I'm interested in which bit didn't line up, because obviously I want to send stuff out that is correct.
Was it just because of the folds? They can make things a bit shorter if not flattened out, or even a bit longer if the paper gets stretched.
As can be seen I have provided a few scales dotted about the drawing, this is to ensure it plots correctly.
Also, the check dims from the book are provided (diagonals).

Get back to me via PM, or on here, to let me know how we can improve them

Personally, what I would be inclined to do, is to fix the little wooden blocks in place, through the template (obviously after checking everything is square), then rip the template out.

Then again, I would actually just tack on top of it, and put the little fires out as I go. Not that I would recommend that
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